getting started …

Isn’t that always the hardest part?  I say yes.  Today the Realtor came to look at the house to see if she and her husband want to buy it.  If they don’t, then it goes on the market.  No matter which way it goes, the packing starts this weekend.  It’s sad.  It’s exciting.  I love this house.  It has a great energy, it’s a great size, it’s got some beautiful kitchen cabinets … there are so many good things about this house.  Am I going to be kicking myself in a year for selling it?  I hope not.  I keep telling myself that there is never a wrong decision.  It’s time for me to leave this city.

This house has made a very difficult transition a little easier.  Actually a lot easier.  I keep reminding myself that I’ve had other homes I love.  I make good homes.  I really do.  I can do it again.  Making this move now is going to make my life a lot easier when I graduate in May and want to relocate closer to my new job.  (I really hate long commutes.)   The city where I live now does not fit my lifestyle at all.  It’s a great place to raise kids, but those days are definitely over.

So those are all listed in the “reasons to sell” column.  Hopefully the new adventure (more on that later) will take away the sting of leaving such a good friend behind.  You’ve been good to us, House.


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