little surprises

Almost every single day I am blessed by a minute or two of simple joy, a quick couple of minutes of a gorgeous sunset, or a strikingly beautiful flower blooming along a walk, or some other moment outside the realm of the “ordinary day.”  Those times come along totally unexpected which make them even more special.  Yeserday while walking in the park I saw a squirrel drinking from and playing in a shallow puddle of water.  I could tell he was really enjoying himself because he waited until I was right up beside him before he scrambled off.  Today, I decided to take a very short walk for some fresh air during my lunch break.  It’s pretty unusual for me to do so this time of year because it’s 100+ degrees right now with a heat advisory in effect.  God bless Texas.  But I was so glad I thought of the little walk outside because there was a big, furry dog playing outside and I got to get in some doggie lovin’.  Totally made my day … but don’t tell Rosie.


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