keeping it simple

I think sometimes we make things more difficult. Here’s an example:  I was in the mood for a new planner – midyear no less.  This frequently happens to me.  This time, it was my wanting to start off my mornings with some intentions and maybe a little side dish of gratitude.  Not a 30-minute process … but just a couple of minutes to be grateful for waking up and having another day to enjoy life, and also to set 2-3 intentions for the day ahead (because I’m addicted to the feeling of accomplishment, and I’m not ashamed to admit it).  So I began doing my online surfing for such a planner and found all sorts of fun and functional daily/weekly/monthly choices.  Each daily page was filled with a box for gratitude, a box for intentions, a box for goals, a box for tasks that need to be done, a box for this, and a box for that.  And I felt myself get caught up in a planner fever that has happened so many times to me over and over for many years.  In the past I would buy a very expensive planner and think, This is what I need to round out my life.  But this time was different because I caught myself, and I went back to my original plan.  Just want a little space to jot a few notes each morning.  For example, today’s would look like this:

Take car in for oil change
Check with resale shop
Do some walking tonight

Car repair shop
Beautiful sunshiny day
My job

So I stepped back from the online cart, took a deep breath, and reminded myself not to fall into the usual marketing vortex and buy more than I need or want and pay much more than I needed to. Being mindful felt good, and I felt strong.


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