books and libraries

Books have been on my mind the past few weeks. I have a small bookcase loaded with books.  Too many books.  Which ones do I keep?  Which ones do I donate?

And then a few weeks back I looked at what I was spending on Kindle books, and I was surprised to add it up and see that I was spending a minimum of $50 on books each month.   (I do read a lot of books.)   It was so easy – press “buy” and the book magically appeared on my Kindle.  There was no visual of seeing the money actually leave my checking account.  It’s as if the transaction truly happened up in a cloud when it was all actually happening in my checking account.

So I did a little research and found out that because I live in a suburb of Dallas, I can borrow books for FREE from the Dallas Public Library. And not just books, but also eBooks and audiobooks.  How did I forget about my love of the library?  Library Day in elementary school was my favorite day, right next to Scholastic Book Club order day.  Right now I have three eBooks loaded on my tablet, six more on hold.  And I have several books with waiting lists requested at the library, and I get a nice email when each one becomes available.  FREE.

I was telling my dad about my new re-discovery, and he told me when he was 12 years old and living in Oak Cliff, he would ride the bus to the downtown Dallas library and spend all day there. Yeah, I got that gene.  And I’m so glad.

Here’s another post about books and libraries I found this week that I really enjoyed.  And yes, I put her book on my library request list too.


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