#2 of 95 – Purtis Creek State Park


You may remember that a few months ago I wrote about the quest to visit all the Texas State Parks.  At this time there are 95 State Parks, but there will be a new one in 2018 in the Palo Pinto Mountains, a short drive west of Fort Worth.

A few weeks ago, Rosie and I visited Purtis Creek State Park and checked that one off our list.  Purtis Creek is near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons.  My uncle worked there for a number of years and retired from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department while working there.  (Oh yes, he has stories.)  Also, when the famous Canton Trade Days are going on, Purtis Creek is a great spot for camping and shopping at the town that turns into a flea market once a month.  Walking outside and browsing through all the booths and stalls are a favorite for me and Rosie.

So we camped out at Purtis Creek the first weekend of September, Labor Day weekend.  We got to celebrate Uncle Jack’s birthday with him and enjoyed some of his homemade “night time” wine, did some good shopping and walking at the flea market, and even got in a few short hikes at the park.  It was a great camping weekend.

One of my goals is to take a photo of me and Rosie at the State Park signs at the front of each park.  Although I consider myself a photographer with somewhat advanced skills, I am greatly challenged by selfies as you can see in this post’s photograph.  This photo session began with my standing in a fire ant pile while setting up the phone’s camera to operate by remote.  While trying to use the selfie stick, the phone fell out and the screen protector (not the screen, thank goodness) cracked.  After taking a few clumsy shots and deciding surely one of them would work, we got back to the car and I discovered I had lost the battery cover to my remote rendering it useless.  And even though this photo turned out quite wonky, I still love it.  It captures the madness that ensues when I try to take selfies with Rosie.



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