the best kept journal secret

nightstandFor years and years and years, I wanted to keep a journal.  But I didn’t / couldn’t / wouldn’t.  I would buy the most lovely blank book, convinced that this was The Book that was going to make me a consistent journal writer.  None of them worked, no matter how beautiful they were.   Then I listened to an audio recording of one of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, and he was talking about how important it is to keep a journal.  It all made perfect sense as I listened to Jim talk about all the good reasons for writing in a journal.  And one of the things he said turned out to be The One Thing that finally motivated me to be a more consistent writer in my journal.

Over a year later, I still write in  my journal – sometimes multiple times a day.  Sometimes I just jot down a simple sentence, and sometimes I write for pages.  But it’s now such a strong habit that if I do go a day or two without writing, I feel a tremendous tug to write in my journal – even if it’s just my to do list for that day.

And here is Jim Rohn’s tip for consistent writing:  Carry your journal with you everywhere.  Everywhere.  All the time.  No exceptions.  Buy a journal you love and carry it everywhere all the time.  I really love the easy things in life.


One thought on “the best kept journal secret

  1. I have struggled with the same. I start journaling, keep up for a few days and then it fades away. I actually JUST got home from the store and bought a notebook for my “May Cause Miracles” journaling. I think I might just keep it with me wherever I go! ❤


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