sub-training … is that a word?


Technically I’m in “sub-training” mode. What the heck does that mean?  When I made the commitment to do The Big Hike, I knew right away that I’d need a shorter-term goal because I knew it would be hard to keep up my motivation for an entire year until The Big Hike.  I’m a big believer in baby steps … or at least small chunks.  So I signed up to walk a half-marathon (13 miles) on New Year’s Eve.  Personally I love doing something fun and different to close out the old year and bring in the new one.  (Would someone please remind me I said this at about Mile 9?)  I’ll be working for the next three months to increase endurance, stamina, and speed for the half-marathon.  After the half-marathon, I’ll be working on cardio and exercises to prepare for The Big Hike.  Lots of lunges, squats, planks, stair climbing etc.  Pretty much all the exercises I hate … maybe I hate them because I need them?

While I’m preparing for the half-marathon, my biggest goal right now is to lose the extra weight. So far I am down 20 pounds.  It’s taken me almost four months to get here.  It feels really good.  To slim down, I’m counting calories and working out five times a week for about an hour.  That’s it in a nutshell.  There are easy days, and there are oh-so-hard days.  But I know that losing this extra weight is the best thing I can do to help make The Big Hike less difficult and somewhat enjoyable.  If I can lose 17 more pounds, I will have met my goal and that will make me very happy.

This chart below is my training schedule for the half-marathon. The official start day is Monday September 25l, but I’ve been putting in the miles for a few weeks now.  I’m actually looking forward to starting this training.  You can find all kinds of training plans on the internet for a variety of fitness events.  I actually blended 2-3 plans that I found and then moved the days around to make it mine.  Now it’s time to own it and make it happen.

training chart for half marathon


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