summer plans

IMG_5132The Texas heat is really hard for me to deal with in the summer.  Frankly, if it weren’t for almost all of my family (especially my grandson) living in Texas, I’d love to move to the Pacific Northwest – at least for a little while and see how I like it.  It doesn’t help that I also have a 115# dog that is very heat sensitive.  So when the summer rolls around, me and the dog hibernate.  Is there such a thing as summer hibernation?  I bet there is, and if there’s not, Rosie and I are inventing it.  I’m also on a mission to be debt-free at some point in the near future so not only are we hiding out this summer, we’re on a very strict budget and not spending any money that we don’t absolutely need to.  It’s been five whole days (!) and we’ve done really well so far.

The advantage of this summer plan is that I can (hopefully) get a lot of things done around the home that don’t get done when we’re blowing and going during the cooler months.  So without further ado, here are the goals for Summer 2019:

  • Make a blanket for the new nephew
  • Finish the scrapbook of the 2018 Grand Canyon hike with Dad
  • Write and send a letter and photo to Marselino, the child I sponsor through Save the Children
  • More blog posts with more photos
  • Make a camping quilt to use the really cute camping fabric I’ve had for years
  • Finish (?) the rag quilt I started years ago
  • Clean out the refrigerator really good
  • Scan old photos from before the digital age
  • Make postcards with my own photos (for swap-bot)
  • Take (and pass) the Microsoft Office Specialist – PowerPoint exam
  • Create a website and order business cards for my new side business (maybe, still thinking on this)

I’ll check in around the beginning of September and write about the progress I made … or didn’t.

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