Bonham State Park


This was our campsite at Bonham State Park.  It’s a small but lovely park – only 21 campsites.  This ended up being one of my favorite camping trips with just Rosie and me.  The weather was PERFECT.  The nights were a little chilly and the daytime had a wonderful breeze.  We didn’t have the best campsite, but we got the last available one for this particular weekend so I’m not complaining – was happy we got one.  Sites 11 and 12, which accommodates RVs and tents, are definitely premium sites right on the water’s edge.

We didn’t get much hiking in for a couple of reasons.  With the recent rains, almost all of the trails were extremely muddy and some were literally under water.  Plus, Rosie has been limping lately on one of her front legs.  Not sure if it’s a minor injury or arthritis setting in, but we’ve been taking it easy on the hiking to give her leg some rest.  We did walk the park road, which circles the small lake, quite a bit, and we were both fine with that for this weekend.

I also made a few sun prints for the first time.  Sun prints are made by laying different things on a chemically treated paper that reacts to the sunshine.  I’ll write more about this in the next week or two and include some scans.  Making sun prints is a lot of fun, easy and fairly inexpensive – about $10 for 12 sheets and a small acrylic overlay.  It makes a great craft project when camping with kids, but adults like it too.


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